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Why the secret to success is setting the right goals | John Doerr

Confira o Palpite Why the secret to success is setting the right goals | John Doerr.

Our leaders and institutions are failing us, but it’s not always because they’re bad or unethical, says venture capitalist John Doerr — often, it’s simply because they’re leading us toward the wrong objectives. In this practical talk, Doerr shows us how we can get back on track with “Objectives and Key Results,” or OKRs — a goal-setting system that’s been employed by the likes of Google, Intel and Bono to set and execute on audacious goals. Learn more about how setting the right goals can mean the difference between success and failure — and how we can use OKRs to hold our leaders and ourselves accountable.

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23 Comentários

  1. Yes completely agree to this. If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

  2. This speech has made me think about what goals I will set for myself. I would say that I am currently not a good goal setter because I don’t set meaningful goals nor do I really think about how I will achieve them. I just go along with my life hoping to be successful. This video has helped me refine my thinking on how it is important to set meaningful goals and thinking through them will help me accomplish them. I am going to college next year and it is a big step in my life. I want to use the OKR method of goal setting throughout my college career to help me be successful.

  3. There is no secret formula to success…living your life 🤓

  4. great tips for SMART objectives that can help your health and business goals!

  5. Inspiring video! Goals and objectives will make sure you have your vision for the business set. The power of vision should never be underestimated! I had a vision and grew my business to a multi-million dollar empire. I liked to call it a painted picture–from doom loop to successful mission!

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  7. คณิตครูพี่เอื้อง ติวคณิต ติดวิศวะ says:

    the objective is the direction , The key results have to be measured

    good obj.

    good key results
    -specific and time bound
    -aggressive yet realistic
    -measurable and verifiable

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  9. Hi. The Dr. Cloud show is live on Youtube and Facebook on weekdays usually at 10am PT.

  10. 10 Key Elements of Successful Goal Achievement
    Goals. Goals basically guide our choices. …
    Motivation. Motivation is generally described as the force that drives us to pursue a goal. …
    Self-confidence. …
    Progress monitoring. …
    Compromise between feasibility and desirability. …
    Foreseeing obstacles. …
    The power of believing that you can improve. …
    Dealing with temptation.

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  14. I find the inspiration component great for some businesses and not so great for others. If you manufacture clothes hangers, you surely do meaningful work but gees, is there something inspirational in there?! You can certainly do things like give hangers to disadvantaged kids or other things that might help your team feel a sense of purpose but at the end of the day, you do something uninspiring though useful just the same.

  15. Whoever made this guy's shirt should have had objectives, EXECUTION and RESULTS in mind!

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