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USA Horse Racing Trading Strategy Betfair (Will Rogers Downs)

Ver o Vídeo USA Horse Racing Trading Strategy Betfair (Will Rogers Downs).

Interested in trading the US Horse Racing? This video is for you. This clip focuses on Will Rogers Downs, one of the USA’s most popular race tracks. It shows you how you should build your strategy to fit the US horse racing markets on Betfair’s exchange. There will also be a follow-up video produced shortly…

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This video is about United States horse racing trading strategy for Betfair Exchange.

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24 Comentários

  1. Do you live on the horse market, friend? In live do you work more on lay or back?

  2. Good video in a limited environment.. there's a lesson here in this video aswell I believe…..to any traders that try and use too bigger stakes and over trade markets only because they see certain trading professionals on utube who have built the experience learnt and built up to where they are today..taking £3 every race and that's a £600 wage a week tax free.. as Caan shows here it's achievable even with the losses which you Will get.

  3. Where can I see UK Horse Racing Trading Strategy Betfair video?

  4. This is perfect. I have the video pack but sometimes don't get time to practice trading UK markets in the evenings. And the slower pace can help too for beginners. Currently building my bank match betting and practicing would love to go full time one day 😊

  5. @5.42 there was a hedge out for a small loss on the 3rd horse.

    but the odds returned later @8.18, which would have resulted in a profitable trade, had the trade remained open.

    is this an example of trading what you see (in the moment) based on market indicators- & the best choice was to red out, rather than waiting (hoping) for the possibility of a positive trade.

    because the wait could have also have resulted in a bigger loss, if the trade continued to go against the open position, without returning to the green p/l zone.

    =take more smaller losses, & less but larger £ profits run

    is better than:

    taking more smaller profits, & less but larger £ losses?? (mainly due to leaving open trades go into red zone for too long & moving too far, without returning, which could have been prevented by reading the market indicators & when a trade goes against the reasons the trade was opened, not closing the trade)

  6. I've been trading Betfair horse racing for 14 years – I use a betting
    bot – but even after all these years, I still get utterly frustrated by delays at the start of a race. The delays are nearly always related to flat racing and of course the starting stalls. Get rid of the stalls and life at the races would improve 1000%.

  7. Thank you for this vid. A year ago….if someone had said I would have been introduced to matched betting and then using trading software…I would have laughed in their face. And now…here I am! LOL

  8. great video mate , im looking to start to trade with this software that you use can I do this with a Apple Macbook thanks lee

  9. Interesting video on the US markets Caan….Thank you

  10. It's a real pleasure to watch somebody demonstrating their skill. Market reading skills shown here are almost like prognostication.

  11. Hi Caan, is there any chance you can do a video on Australian horse racing as they seem to still be going on?

  12. It's pretty normal that liquidity is low in US racing 10 MTP, most money is thrown at the market 5 minutes before the official off, starts most of the times gets delayed 2 or 5 minutes, and money keeps getting in. Bay Downs usually delays its starts 5 minutes, Will Rogers starts sometimes 2 minutes delayed, that can be a problem for a lot of people trading pre-race. I can say that you will get matched with 100 or 150 stakes with no major problem if you do a basic back to lay or the other way around. In-play gives more chances, or at least that's what I feel since I don't even bother in trading pre-race

  13. Those £5's per race can still quickly add up! Especially if you have a race to trade every 5-10 mins! 🙂 This is very similar to how I'm approaching Australian racing at the moment…. which I prefer due to much more reliability on start times. Although, I also like to leave orders well out side the prices too in order to pick up on spikes from big bettors. Well done mate, very useful video for many people at the moment.

  14. Good content and info. Also do u trade football games too?