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  1. How do you make sure you stay disciplined when having a bad day trading? Let us know in the comments!

  2. Another good video Martin sorry Mark very good insight not sure about the stranger danger t shirt though bit too Jimmy Saville

  3. What's the best trading software for football, that will place bets for you IF certain scenarios happen??

  4. Great video and a newbee here.im started learning trading using paper 1st no cash now I've gone on to small stakes til I feel bit more confident to take the step up.but I seem to be doing what u said u do. E.g I start to look at say 10 matches(tennis) in the morning go through the stats etc then pick what I feel is right but u said now you don't use that to find matches u use betfair trading software? Am I missing something or just a dumb question on my part?

  5. preaching about discipline ?? you can not be disciplined and your background be a mess that is discipline 101 ,creased t-shirt and uncombed hair please

  6. Big thx again
    always enjoy your tips.

    hv a good weekend 👍

  7. Great video….I'm very much interested in discipline…. I think this is my greatest weakness….

  8. I think bank management is important as well. If you are using a large % of your bank or blowing banks then it is incredibly hard to be disciplined. If you use say 2% of your bank on a trade/bet and lose a few in a row then it's easier to step away and gather yourself. Understanding and accepting variance. Also not over trading, the mantra 'less is more' can also help reduce fomo.