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Mizuno T20 wedges reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield and friends. See how the T20 wedges do in the back spin test when tested in dry and wet conditions. Mizuno wedges have been popular on both PGA and European tours for years see what makes these Grain Flow Forged golf wedges so popular and if the new T20 wedges live up to the Mizuno golf name. Mizuno golf clubs have been famous for soft feels and professional precision in design and the new MP20 range of irons seem to be following this trend. The T20 Mizuno wedges need to be able to blend with the MP20 sets so golfers get that Mizuno look feel and sound that they know and love. Make sure you get the best wedge for your golf game with a custom fit session the same way you would think about a fitting for your new driver or irons.

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  1. The wet 'drop off' was 26% for Mizuno, 17% for Ping, but at the end of the day there is more spin rpm in both wet and dry conditions with the Mizuno, so seems pretty meaningless really.. if it's wet you adjust, if you want more spin then buy the Mizuno. Haven't seen your wet test methodology (was it the dip the head in the bucket way?), but if you cared you would be wiping your club before hitting and the real world difference is probably minimal water on the ball and grass. And certain grasses are already pretty slimy wet when crushed between club and ball. We need a robot test to split these hairs…

  2. How can you do a spin test and not clean the grooves between shots?
    I hit these wedges today and the spin was exceptional. Better than the T7.

  3. Go based on looks and size and then basically just newer looking groves because I buy barely used second hand to save money.

  4. Really curious about your thoughts on the new ES21 wedge that Mizuno has just released. Two-piece construction, seems extra chunky. CG balanced, etc…SIDE NOTE, I picked up a Blue Ion Finish one of these T20s and for some reason I found the feel to be really firm even out of the sweet spot. With both the Mizuno Tour and Tour X golf ball.

  5. For the past 6 weeks of discovering this golf channel I thought the guys in the blue shirt and pink shirt were the same person. Lololol. This video proper confused me

  6. I don't understand how you can speculate so much with wedge spin claims. You literally have the launch monitor and all the wedges. Why don't you grab each brand, set a distance and hit them all ten times each, wet and dry and present the numbers? Either provide proper information, apples to apples, or don't make videos about the subject. Most of your stuff is great but you're seriously lacking when it comes to impartial data on wedges and spin rates. Get 3 guys with different swing speeds, each hit 20 balls, and just post the numbers.

  7. This guy is a clown. Hes hitting gap wedge around the green.

  8. Wondering if Mizuno put some Boron in the T20s. I think I read they did so in the S18s to make the grooves more durable. My experience of playing the JPX 825 Pros vs the 850 Pros (850s had Boron, the 825 did not) was that the 850s had a bit of click to them. Greatly enjoy your content. Cheers!

  9. Don’t these have some boron in them to help them last longer? I have graphite shafts in my wedges to match up better with my set and that had a big effect on feel I would describe as smooth.

  10. I tested the T20 wedge yesterday during my wedge fitting. I didn't like them at all. They felt harsh and hard at ball impact. Ended up with three new MD5 Jaws wedges.

  11. Your wet test has very little validity. The comparison was done with a different player, shot and ball. You should have tested at least one other wedge without any hydrophobic treatment to see the difference in drop off in spin. The claim isn’t no loss of spin , but less loss of spin dry to wet

  12. Mizuno wedges always look terrible at address. Too many sharp lines, too skinny. Shame. Amazing that they can’t get it right after all these years.

  13. great info as always, like the channel. based on what ive seen in your reviews of wedges they all spin the same but, is there one in all your reviews that seemed to maintain spin the best or was easier to get to spin? Also, in your opinion what is the best feeling wedge?

  14. I stopped using Mizuno wedges when they started putting Boron in them for that very reason. Clicker feel than the classic all 1025 carbon wedges.

  15. C'mon Dan. You are commenting on feel and use some of the harshest feeling wedges with Vokey's.

  16. The wedge that gives you the most confidence.the wedge that looks right and fits your eye. Wedge play is such a difficult part of the game, approach the shot feeling as confident as you can, and wanting to hit the club you have . Wedges from the top manufacturers are all very similar, personnel preference . I agree with all you say about the ability to test spin. Great video, thanks for your efforts.

  17. I recently started playing again after a twenty year working spell. Before I always had the set wedge and sandie – Hogan Edge 1-SW. Now I have game improvement irons and hit much better – G Max, 6 -W. I grabbed a set of Glide 2.0’s online…a 52, 56 and 60. Now lots of practice! Trying to get control of strokes from 100 yards in.

  18. The extra mass at the top of the wedge is to increase vertical moi according to Chris Voshall. He's got to be the best, most well spoken and articulate Mizuno rep anywhere. He spent some time with the TXG boys (Ian and Matt) in Toronto talking about and testing the MP20's. The intimation was that most companies have been preoccupied with horizontal moi (lateral forgiveness). Mizuno recognized that, with wedges in particular, there was room for improvement. There's nothing like a Mizuno. The MP20 HMB is breaking hearts all around the world!

  19. Lockey's dry ball data on the t20 has spin rates that jump from 2000rpm from his best to his worst strikes and similarly 2000rpm difference on his wet ball data on the t20 from worst to best strikes. Shows the club will only perform as good as the player whereas the txg guys are a little more consistent than what you can provide in testing. Just because you did not see the results in testing due to difference in swing does not mean its a end all be all test. I'd like to think you'd be a little more open to the results other testers have provided.

  20. I find the physiological part of club buying interesting. I think that mark could sell a club that somebody may not really like. Using catch phrases. Showing the amount of control a fitter can have. Interesting topic of conversation.