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How to Use the Google Keyword Planner in 2021: NO Credit Card Needed!

Ver o Vídeo How to Use the Google Keyword Planner in 2021: NO Credit Card Needed!.

Grab some of my blogging secrets for free! Can you use the Google Keyword Planner for free? YES! How do I access the Google Keyword Planner without a credit card? Let me show you! Google’s keyword tool can be hard to access sometimes so I created a May 2021 tutorial to show you how to do it without creating ads or inserting your credit card. Here’s how it works! Using the Google Keyword Planner in 2021: NO Credit Card Needed!

You can find the Google Keyword Planner here:

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  1. Thank you so much! I was struggling to use it or create an account but you made so clear.

  2. well explained, clear voice and makes someone to learn more from her videos

  3. Thanks for the great advice, I shall put it into practice today.

  4. Thank thank you thank you. This video helped me a lot. Thanks again

  5. This is great video, and i think this is one of the best google keyword planner tutorial

  6. its not working any more because you need later you dont see Tool tab 🙁

  7. Thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS WORKING in 2021!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank You, Last four days I was watching Keyword planner I got immense insight from your video…

  9. Oh my god you´re the best. I kept frustrating over the keyword planner volume changing all the time to the extent that I realised it had been giving me random numbers all along, but with this I can get the right numbers finally. You´ve won a new subscriber!

  10. How many keywords are suggested per front facing page of a website? Please tell me.

  11. Allison Thank you so much. I was so stuck that I was going to pull my damn hair out. Thanks again!!!! You rock !!!

  12. Hey Allison, curious, you mention to not use GKP as the be all end all near the end of your video, 13:02. Do you mind explaining please what you meant?

  13. Please answer this question
    I have multiple URLs of the products and have to find out the keywords for every product through google keyword planner. Adding URL one by one is taking a lot of time and energy. How can I simplify this procedure? (Like putting all the URLs in one go)

  14. Hi I cant switch to expert mode, as it doesn't seem to appear on my Google add.

  15. Hello Alison, great content as usual. Great work. The competition tab says about advertising whether it is high or low but not from SEO angel.

  16. This video is quite helpful-specially the account creation part. Thanks a lot!!