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How I Became a Professional Gambler | Betfair Australia & Caan Berry

Ver o Vídeo How I Became a Professional Gambler | Betfair Australia & Caan Berry.

Australian Exchange providers, Betfair Australia got in touch with Caan Berry for a full video interview about how he became a professional gambler on the platform. Listen in as JMac probes him for betting tips, strategy, stories and context as to how he became a full-time pro.

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In this video, Caan Berry talks to Betfair Australia about his historic journey to becoming a full-time pro gambler on the exchanges.

Vídeo do canal Caan Berry Pro Trader.

7 Comentários

  1. Great insight and advice Caan, thought the interviewer was good, knew what it's about and asked what serious traders need to know! 👍

  2. i am in adelaide australia… in play on horse racing ,harness racing and greyhound racing is legally excluded from in-play bans…reasons behind it are to try and exclude children from connecting the game to gambling.

  3. Yes…the latency of Australian racing has caught me one too many times!!! Waiting for all this COVID to die down 🙁
    '6 fingers and a pointy head' Howling! 😀

  4. Nice video cann i know this sounds like a whinge but betfair now allow in play horse racing in australia but in play is app.illegal on epl ????i just think its stupid allowing u to do one thing but if its sports its illegal